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Fire fighting robot IB-3000

Remote controlled fire fighting

Fire fighting robot IB-3000

1400 x 750 x 800 mm
500 kgs
Max. speed
4,5 km/h
Battery life
5 hrs
Throw distance
Up to 70 meters
Controller range
300 meters
Live feed camera
Self protection water shield
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The IB-3000 fire fighting robot is the smallest in our range. The robot is only 75 centimeters wide, which allows the operator to fit the robot through a normal household door. Controlling the fire fighting robot is very easy and can even be done by unexperienced operators. A screen fitted on the remote controller allows the operator to check the situation in a building and controlling the robot when it is out of sight.  With it's 3" monitor size it has a capacity of 3000 liter a minute with a throw length of max. 70 meters.  

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