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Diesel-driven positive displacement pumpsets

Diesel-driven positive displacement pumpsets

Upto 900 m3/hr
Upto 16 bar
Open or closed units
Open or closed units
Offshore frames
Transportable or stationair
According to ATEX
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Diesel-driven positive displacement pumps

When pumping high viscosity products, a diese-ldriven positive displacement pump can be your best solution. Positive displacement pumps transport liquids or gases by enclosing a fixed volume at each revolution. As a result, the capacity of a positive displacement pump is linearly related to the speed of the pump.

Some well-known examples of positive displacement pumps are piston pumps, lobe pumps and screw pumps.

Benefits of a diesel-driven positive displacement pumps

Every type of positive displacement pump has its own advantage. The pumps are generally known for their self-priming capacity, which is a major advantage over centrifugal pumps. Thanks to the positive displacement pumps, you can transport more viscous liquids.

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