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Holland Special Pumps was established in 1980. Our aim is to provide the most SAFE, efficient and cost-effective pumping solutions to our customers.  

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  • Customer specific solutions
    HSP provides solutions to individual needs

    Holland Special Pumps always provides the right solution, whether it comes to pumping chemicals, hot sulphur or high capacities of water in explosive surroundings and mines.

    We offer various solutions and products that will solve small and big pumping problems.

  • Rental, sale, and lease
    HSP rents, sells and leases various pumping solutions

    Holland Special Pumps understands that purchasing a new pump for a temporary configuration is not always feasible.

    We therefore offer the opportunity to rent or lease equipment such as pumps and hydraulic power-units for longer or shorter periods of time.

  • No project is too big
    HSP delivers complete solutions, not just products

    Special is what we do best. Holland Special Pumps provides safe, innovative, creative, and flexible engineering solutions to match our customers needs.

    With over 38 years of experience we are capable of providing the right solution for any pumping project.

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25 March 2020

The best way for testing a new porduct is in the field. Therefore we decided to perform a fieldtest near open water. We tested various fire fighting robots and used the well known HSP-7 hydraulic driven semi submersible pump for water supply. During the test a local newspaper came by and wrote a article (in Dutch) about our fire fighting robot.  

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24 April 2019

The HSP Inferno Beater® is a fire fighting robot developed and produced by Holland Special Pumps. It accommodates safe remote controlled fire fighting when close access to a fire is obstructed. Even when it is not possible to keep sight on the robot, the live feed camera will assist the operator

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30 October 2018

In addition to the manufacturing of small and large pump systems, you can also contact us for temporary pump systems. We recently installed a complete pump system at a German refinery that provides a capacity of 28.000 litres per minute at a pressure of 12 bar. The system that we have installed consists of two hydraulically driven submersible pumps, a hydraulic power pack, two diesel engine driven booster pumps and all necessary hoses, valves and flange reducers. All manufactured by HSP and delivered from stock.

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22 October 2018

For us an unusual but very important task; Due to a lack of spring water a German beer brewery wasn't able to keep their normal production capacity going. Therefore, we were asked to supply and install 2500 m 4" hoses. The challenging part was that these hoses had to be laid by hand, up and downhill through a forest.

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10 September 2018

At the request of the organization of the World Port Days we supplied two mobile fire pumps, each with a capacity of 1200 m3 / h and a throw length of 120 meters. The pumps became effective as part of the Saturday night show.

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12 July 2018

For the demolition of the Harculo power plant we provided pumps and custom-made water screens to prevent dust formation. Holland Special Pumps provided their well-known combi power packs with HSP-7 submersible pumps.

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