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HSP takes the Inferno Beater in production


HSP takes the Inferno Beater in production

The HSP Inferno Beater® is a fire fighting robot developed and produced by Holland Special Pumps. It accommodates safe remote controlled fire fighting when close access to a fire is obstructed. Even when it is not possible to keep sight on the robot, the live feed camera will assist the operator. The Inferno Beater® is remotely operated and can be connected to almost any type of water supply, such as hydrants, firetrucks or pumps. It protects itself with a water shield which also provides cooling for the tracks. The deluge monitor is suited with a remotely adjustable fog/jet nozzle and can be both horizontally and vertically adjusted. The automatic oscillating function makes it possible to extinguish larger fire area’s without moving the robot. The diesel engine ensures enough power to tow 200 metres of hoses while driving a 25⁰ slope. 

It comes in a standard variety of flowrates, hydraulic, diesel or electric driven. 

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