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Hydraulically-driven submersible positive displacement pumps

Hydraulically-driven submersible positive displacement pumps

Upto 300 m3/hr
Upto 12 bars
According to ATEX
Upto 10.000 Cst
Transportable or stationary
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-Hydraulic driven submersible positive displacement pumps

A submersible pump is a pump that is completely submerged in the fluid to be pumped. This liquid can vary from (sea) water, chemicals or oil products.


Small engine

The hydraulic motor of a submersible pump is relatively small compared to dieselengines or electric motors. Thanks to the small engine size, even pumps with a high capacity are portable and transportable. Hydraulic driven pumps enable you to quickly and easily adjust the speed between zero and the maximum velocity. This allows you to achieve the desired capacity or pressure.


Suction height

Submerble positive displacement pumps eliminate the problem of the suction height. Where dry pump installations lose their suction power at heights above 7meters, a submersible/dewatering pump can go as deep as necessary. The pump uses its ability to force the fluid up rather than use energy for the suction.


Hydraulic-driven positive displacement pumps

A hydraulic displacement pump is being driven by a hydraulic power-pack. When pumping products with high viscosity, a positive displacement pump can be your best solution. Positive displacement pumps transport liquids or gases by including a fixed volume with each rotation. As a result, the capacity of a positive displacement pump is linearly related to the velocity of the pump. Examples of a positive displacement pumps are piston pumps, lobe pumps and screw pumps.


Benefits of a hydraulic-driven positive displacement pumps

Every type of positive displacement pump has its own advantages. The pumps are generally known for their self-priming capacity, which is a major advantage over centrifugal pumps. Thanks to the positive displacement pumps, you can also transport more viscous liquids.

Hydraulic driven positive displacement pumps are used:

  • In asphalt tankers

  • For emptying product lines at oil storage farms

  • In power stations

  • In waste incineration plants


How can we help you?

The hydraulic-driven positive displacement pumps can be delivered with an ATEX certificate. This is necessary when you are pumping in potentially explosive environments. The Holland Special Pumps specialists are ready to assist you in making the proper pump selection for your application!

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