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Electric-driven positive displacement pumps

Electric-driven positive displacement pumps

Upto 900 m3/hr
Upto 16 bar
Offshore frames
According to ATEX
Transportable or stationair
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Electric-driven positive displacement pumps

An electric-driven positive displacement pump has an electric motor as drive. This pump is capable of pumping high viscous products and in most cases they are self priming.

Positive displacement pumps are used to pump heavy products such as asphalt, heavy oil, liquid sulfur etc.

Electrically driven positive displacement pumps can be supplied and mounted on skids, ready for installation in a engine room or in a transport frame.

These pumps are used for, among other things:

  • In asphalt tankers

  • For emptying product lines at oil storage farms

  • In power stations

  • In waste incineration plants

  • Tankstorage plants and refineries




Functionality of a Positive displacement pump.

When the driver starts the PD pump starts pumping because the drive axle is directly linked.Most PD pumps are based on creating a difference in volume in between chambers, with or without valves.

The pumped liquid starts to move. The speed is converted into pumpvolume and flow. The dischargepressure is most commonly unlimited therefor Pressure Relief Valves (PRV's) are installed to protect the installation. The installed drive power is normally calculated for the maximum discharge pressure. A fluid flow arises due to the pressure difference between inlet and exhaust pipe.


Benefits of a electri- driven positive displacement pumps

Every type of positive displacement pump has its own advantage. The pumps are generally known for their self-priming capacity and their constant capacity (at a fixed speed' despites the discharge pressure. Which is a major advantage over centrifugal pumps. Thanks to the positive displacement pumps, you can also transport more viscous liquids. The specialists of Holland Special Pumps are ready to assist you in making the right pump solution.


How can we help you?

The electric driven positive displacement pumps can be delivered with an ATEX certificate. This is necessary when you are pumping in potentially explosive environments. Our pumps are available in various designs and capacities.

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