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Electric-driven centrifugal pumps

Electric-driven centrifugal pumps

upto 7000 m3/hr
upto 100 bar
According to ATEX
According to ATEX
Offshore frames
Transportable or stationair
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Electric-driven centrifugal pumps

Electric-driven centrifugal pumps have a electric engine that is directly connected to the drive pump. Depending on the requirements of the customer, these pumps can be delivered in different configurations. The most common configurations are; skids, in an lifting frame or acoustic frame.

The following components can be customized:

  • Controls (remote, manual or automatic)

  • Sensors and alarm signals

  • The materials of the components

  • Self-priming

These pumps are used in various industries for different types of applications. Examples of the applications:

  • Extra cooling water capacity

  • Ballast pumps in vessels

  • Fuelpumps

  • FiFi pumps

If there’s not enough electric power available ,electric motor can be replaced by a dieselengine driven centrifugal pump.


Centrifugal pumps

A centrifugal pump converts the energy of a rotational movement of the drive into displacement of a liquid.
These pumps consist of a number of basic components:

  • The impeller rotates in the pump casing, also known as the volute.

  • In the pump casing are openings where liquids enter, the discharge opening and an opening where the drive shaft enters.

  • The drive shaft connects the impeller to the drive. Thanks to the seals, liquids cannot leak out of the pump through the drive shaft.

  • The most common seals are the packing and mechanical seal.


Functionality of a centrifugal pump

When the drive begins, the range of the centrifugal pump rotates because the drive axle is directly linked. The pumped liquid starts to move. The centrifugal force boost the liquid out of the pump casing. The velocity is converted into pressure, making the liquid leave the centrifugal pump. A fluid flow arises due to the pressure difference between the inlet and exhaust pipe.

Holland Special Pumps has pumps and pump units with various capacities in stock. Our submersible pumps are available for rental and sale.


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The electric-driven centrifugal pumps can be delivered with an ATEX certificate. This is necessary when you are pumping in potentially explosive environments. Our pumps are available in various designs and capacities.

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