Submersible Pumps Submersible Pumps

What is a submersible pump? A submersible pump is a pump which is submerged in the liquid that is being pumped. This liquid can be water (fresh or salt), water containing solid parts such as sand or stones, chemicals or oil products.

submersible pump

Most of our submerged pumps are hydraulic driven. The reason for this that the motor is relative small compared it to a diesel engine or electric motor with the same power rating. Because of the relative small engine even high capacity pumps can still be portable. Another big advantage of hydraulic driven pumps is the possibility to contineously adjust the speed from zero to maximum. This makes it possible to adjust to pump to just deliver you the exact capacity or pressure you'll need.

The main advantage of submersible pumps is the elimination of the suction lift problem. While a dry installed pump loses its capacity over 5 meter suction lift, when using a submersible pump your storage tank or water supply point can be as deep as you want. The submersible pump will push the product up, in stead of sucking. Next to that there is almost no restriction in the suction line because there is no hose of pipe which causes friction loss.