Atex Pump Sets Atex Pump Sets

When pumping in possible explosive environment it is required to have suitable equipment.
Holland Special Pumps has a big range (30 - 500 m3/h) of electric or hydraulic driven pumps that are certified to work safely in zone 1 or 2.
Depending on the client's requirements such as product type, working pressure, availability of electricity and / or hydraulic oil supply, the best solution can be chosen.

    ATEX certified pumps are f.i. used at the following locations:
  • Off shore drilling rigs
  • Oil refineries
  • Waste incinerators

Some examples of the pump sets:

EX11/VX136Electric driven lobe pump 11 kW, max 50m3/h
EX350/150-500Electric driven centrifugal pump 350 kW max 500m3/h
H300-186-1840Hydraulic driven lobe pump max 200m3/h
D500-200-552 Diesel driven 500 kW hydraulic power pack and booster pomp