When a salvage job needs to be done, Holland Special Pumps is the company to contact!

Salvage equipment needs to be reliable, light weight and pumping big capacities.
Good equipment can make the difference between saving a ship from sinking or a sunken ship with all environmental consequences.

When there is limited time or equipment is needed temporary, you could consider to rent equipment from HSP.


  • Salvage #1


    Diesel driven Hydraulic power pack, sound proof.
  • Salvage #2


    HSP-12-3" ultra light weight stainless steel salvage pump, 3" discharge.
  • Salvage #3


    Zone 2 ATEX approved hydraulic power packs, light weight, due to the use of aluminium.
  • Salvage #4

    Salvage 4

    Zone 2 ATEX approved hydraulic power pack.