News 18-12-2016

Two fire fighting pump sets and a jockey pump for a major oil production and storage company in the Rotterdam harbour region.

Holland Special Pumps have successfully designed, produced, installed andcommissioned a complete fire fighting pump system.
The three submersible pumps are installed in a specially made "pump island" which is located alongside a jetty.
Due to the use of hydraulically driven pumps we were able to supply our client with relatively lightweight submersible pumps which require low maintenance.

The prime movers have been installed onshore in soundproof containers (max sound level 85 dBa).
The whole system is in compliance with NFPA20.

Project overview:

  • Number of units: 2
  • Capacity each: 566 m3/h @ 130 meter discharge head
  • Distance between pumps and prime movers: approximately 150 meters
  • NFPA20 compliant
  • Controlling and monitoring both from a control room and locally at the unit's control panel
  • Fully automatic anti-fouling system
  • No shaft seals in the pumps
  • Low maintenance costs