Pump sets Malaysia

News 04-05-2017

Two pump sets installed and commisioned in Malaysia.

A few months after delivery of two pump sets to our partner in Malaysia ZDA Coorporation these have been installed and commissioned successfully by the end client.
These pump sets are installed in a sound proof container and will function as utility water supply to the Refinery and Petrochemicals Complex.
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FiFi pump set

News 09-03-2017

Installation of fixed submersible fire fighting pumps.

Today the first phase of the installation of a new fire fighting pump system has been completed.
By installing the permanent submersed hydraulic driven fire water pump, the installation of the complete package has really kicked off.

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FiFi pump sets

News 18-12-2016

Two fire fighting pump sets for major oil production and storage company in the Rotterdam harbour region.

Holland Special Pumps have successfully designed, produced, installed and commissioned two custom built fire fighting pump sets.

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Combi Power Pack

News 29-04-2016

1100 kW Combi power pack in service at one of our clients.

To solve a temporary need for high capacity of water for cable laying purposes one of our clients rented this combi power pack type D1100/300-560/H360.

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FiFi1 unit

News 20-11-2015

Recently we built this firefighting unit and presented it at the entrance of the Europort maritime exhibition in Rotterdam. It's a FiFi class 1 firefighting unit for marine and offshore purposes. Due to the use of a lift pump there are no suction problems when placed on deck level. Both fire monitors and engine can be remotely controlled from up to 100m distance.


News 25-10-2015

We are participating in the Europort exhibition 2015 and we would like to invite you to visit our stand in hall 7, booth 7315!

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News 7-9-2015

We have launched our advertising campaign alongside one of the busiest roads in The Netherlands heading towards the port of Rotterdam. It says: "Pumping problem? We will solve it! Rental and Sales".


News 31-8-2015

Due to the good results of earlier delivered, similar pump systems, one of our international clients requested us to design and build two firefighting pumps.

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News 27-6-2015

Another project finished.

This pump system will be placed on board a LNG tanker and shall function as a fire fighting unit.
The bronze centrifugal pump is driven by a hydraulic motor which is attached to a diesel driven hydraulic power unit.

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News 25-3-2015

A new successful project finished!

HSP was honoured to be involved in building the new fireboat for Dutch fire department "Zuid-Holland-Zuid".

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News 26-11-2014

This twin screw pump and hydraulic power pack have been produced for one of our Dutch customers.

The pump in combination with the power pack will be used for pumping sediment out of storage tanks.

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News 5-11-2014

We have expanded our rental fleet with this beautiful mobile unit.

The 1100kW strong engine in combination with the centrifugal pump ensures a capacity of 1300 m3/h at a pressure of 13 bar.

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News 24-10-2014

We delivered 12 stainless steel ballast pumps with pipe stack in easy to handle galvanized transport frames.

These easy to use and handle hydraulic driven ballast pumps were ordered by a mayor transporting company.

300 m3/h -- head 14 meters

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cooling water pumps

News 16-10-2014

We delivered 4 revised diesel motor cooling water pumps for a high class luxury cruise ship.

The old pumps have been completely overhauled, stuffing sealing has been replaced by mechanical seals.

250 m3/h -- head 40 meters

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high pressure pump set

News 30-9-2014

Two FiFi Pump sets for installation in a Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel were delivered.

These pump sets will be used for fire fighting operations at sea.

3,000 m3/h - 12 bar and 1,200 m3/h - 13 bar

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high pressure pump set

News 21-9-2014

We delivered a high pressure pump set for use on a cable layer vessel.

The pump sets will be used to prepare a trench for cables on the bottom of the sea.

1,200 m3/h - 20 bar - sound proof - 2 pump sets

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