FiFi Submersible Pumps Fire Fighting All-in-one Submersible Pumps

Fire fighting all in one submersible pumps are used for bringing water from the water supply straight to the required end user such as a monitor or a ring main line. The water supply can be a open water such as a river or sea, or an artificial lake or a tank. The characteristics of these pumps combine higher discharge pressure with a good capacity rate.

These pumps are commonly used in fixed installations for example at oil refineries or in mobile fire trucks were direct use of the fire extinguishing water is a must. We produce these pumps with the following capacities: 90, 180, 300, 600 900 and 1200 m3/h (when needed any capacity in in between is possible) When the pumps are used in combination with a hydraulic power pack compliance with NFPA20 is possible. The discharge pressure can be chosen freely from 2 bar to 16 bar

Fire fighting all in one submersible pumps can be supplied with diesel or electric driven power packs.

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