Hydraulic Power PacksElectric driven Hydraulic Power Packs

Am Electric driven hydraulic power pack is a unit that delivers pressurized oil for driving hydraulic motors or cylinders. The electric motor is the prime mover. The hydraulic power pack is mostly delivered in combination with hydraulic driven pumps.
Via hoses or piping the pressurized oil is transported to the hydraulic driven pump. By adjusting the flow of the power pack the speed of the hydraulic pump can be adjusted. It is also possible to drive multiple pumps with one hydraulic power pack. In that case a proportional valve is required to adjust the speed of the individual pumps.

    Some examples applications of hydraulic driven powerpacks:
  • Prime mover for salvage pumps
  • Prime mover for oil transporting pumps
  • Prime mover for ballast pumps

Power packs can be delivered in almost any size: from 10 kW to 1000 kW. It is possible to combine multiple hydraulic pump / motor combinations in one unit. The configurations of the units can be adjusted to client's requirements and budget.

    Some options:
  • Noise insulated or on open skid
  • Local control or remote control
  • Alarms and sensors
  • Inside lifting / crash frames or container
  • Light weight for easy transport

Hydraulic driven power packs can be delivered with an ATEX certificate which is needed when pumping in a explosive environment.

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