Centrifugal PumpsElectric driven centrifugal pumps

Electric driven centrifugal pumps are centrifugal pumps directly driven by an electric motor.
Depending on the situation and use the pump set can be configured at the client's request. The most delivered configurations are pump sets on open skids in a lifting frame and pump sets in a silent proof lifting frame.

The capacity of this type of pump can be chosen from 40 m3/h up to 3600 m3/h.

Depending on the customer's requirements the following options can be adjusted:

- control (remote, manual, automatic)
- sensors and alarms
- materials of the components
- self primimg

This type of pumps is used in various industries for a whole range of applications.

Some example applications are:

- extra capacity for cooling water in a refinery
- ballast pump in vessels
- fuel pumps

When not enough power is available a diesel driven centrifugal pump can be considered.

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