Combi Power PacksCombi Power Packs

Combi power packs (also known as DPU), are stand alone diesel driven units which drive both a centrifugal pump and a hydraulic pump. Combi power packs combine the best of two worlds:

A light weight, easy to handle submersible pump for lifting the water from service water and a centrifugal pump directly coupled to the diesel engine for getting the required discharge pressure.

The pumps can be used as a temporary solution during maintenance or emergency situations or in a fixed situation were lifting height between the water source and the pump location is more than 4 meters.

We have delivered combi power packs to oil refineries and oil storage companies all over the world and also to other big storage plants were high capacity of water was required.

Combi power packs can made with capacities of 600m3/h to 1800m3/h (in one unit). Discharge pressure can be chosen freely up to 16 bar discharge pressure.

The distance between the water source and the combi powerpack location can be up to hundred meters with standard configurations. Special configurations allow for even longer distances.

Holland Special Pumps always has always a few units available from the shelf, special combinations can be fabricated within a short time frame.